What We Do, In a Nutshell

MarControl is a powerful Marine HR Management software suite. It is composed of a core Crew Management module and several add-on modules covering various Marine HR & other needs.

MarControl : Crewing

The Core Module

Enterprise-Grade Crew Management Software

All the basic functionality to run your crewing department, enhanced by the optional add-on modules


Problems solved with

MarControl Core Crewing:

Problems solved with

MarControl Core Crewing:

  • Seafarer credential management

  • Mobile-optimised Seafarer self-service interface

  • Seafarers create their own profiles, crew managers only validate

  • HR document management

  • Automated, proactive labour pool data maintenance

  • Multi-layer ship crewing requirements management (Safe Manning, operational crewing, charterer req’s, collective bargaining agreements)

  • On-board management interface for officers

  • Intelligent certificate hierarchies

  • Candidate pool management

  • Centralized dashboard and alert management

  • Automatic calculation of tanker crew experience requirements

  • Fully integrated with the Add-On Modules for enhanced functionality, à la carte


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The Add-On Modules

Available individually, or as a fully-integrated suite.
Puzzle Pieces

MarControl offers six add-on modules (four for crewing, two technical) which can be activated à la carte.

Seafarer Hours of Work & Rest, Hours Payable

MarControl : Crew Time Sheets  –  A single data entry by shipboard personnel automatically tracks hours worked, checks regulatory compliance of Hours of Rest, calculates hours payable (according to your custom pay rules), and exports to your payroll software.

Includes powerful visualization and analysis tools to understand how much time is being spent on what tasks, and in which circumstances.

Crew Rotation Planning

MarControl : Crew Rotation Planning  –  Our Intelligent Planning Tool for Crew Rotations. Essential for complex crew scheduling for your fleet. Manages scheduled vacations, medical leave, suspensions and training periods. Automatically delivers individual schedules to seafarers. Alert timelines check compliance with ship and charterer requirements, as well as tanker crew experience requirements.

Seafarer Expense Reporting

MarControl : Crew Expense Reports  –  Manage Training, Travel and other Expenses.


Seafarer Communications

MarControl : Seafarer Communications Module – Secure file sharing with individual seafarers, Library system for mass file sharing, Notices system for regulatory notices and circular letters with read receipts.

Ship and Equipment Certificate Management

MarControl : Ship Certificates  –  Manage the Issuer, validity and expiry of your Ship and Equipment Certificates. Easy renewal and inspection planning.

Commercial Logs and Analysis of Ships' Performance

MarControl : Ship Logs  –  Our powerful commercial logging tool tracks and analyses your ships’ use of time, to significantly improve your operational performance. Powerful visualisations for intuitive understanding of commercial performance.

Streamline your Crewing processes.

Flexible Pricing for Companies of All Sizes

Per-Module Pricing

MarControl is priced per module, so you only pay for what you use. We offer Cloud Software-as-a-Service, Private Cloud and Licence options for on-premise hosting.

Small Fleet Program

MarControl isn’t only for large fleets. We  ♥  small companies, too. Ask us about our Small Fleet Program.

What's New at MarControl

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