New Partnership with Shipnet

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Summary: We have a new partnership with Shipnet, so MarControl now have access to a fully integrated Maritime Operations Suite.

Shipnet ( is one of the biggest and most respected providers of maritime operation apps in the world. They offer a full suite, including Technical, Safety, Procurement, Commercial, Drydocking, et cetera… but not Crewing, until now. That’s where we come in. As a Shipnet partner, we will be providing their customers with MarControl as integrated Crewing module in the Shipnet Suite. Vice versa, we will be able to offer a full-featured, integrated maritime operations suite to MarControl customers.

We’ve actually been collaborating in stealth mode for nearly three years, so our integration is well-established and our teams are used to working together.

We’re pumped about this partnership. It’s going to bring huge growth, and makes a lot of sense for customers of both companies.

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