Streamline Crew Operations

MarControl is a powerful Marine HR Management software suite. It is composed of a core Crew Management module and several add-on modules covering various Marine HR & other needs. A full Operational Management suite is available through partner integrations.

Enterprise-Grade Crew Management Software

All you need to run your crewing department, enhanced by the optional add-on modules and integrated partner modules.

Core Crewing Module

Focuses on essential functionalities for efficient seafarer management and compliance. It includes a self-service portal for seafarers to manage their profiles, an advanced system for verifying credentials, and comprehensive HR document management.

Crew Planning

The Crew Planning Module is a comprehensive tool that streamlines the process of managing crew personnel, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and optimal crew welfare and performance.


The Timesheet Module is designed for efficient tracking and management of crew members’ working hours, ensuring accurate and compliant recording of time spent on various tasks aboard the vessel, and calculating hours payable based on your custom rules.

Crew Expense

The Expense Module streamlines the management and reimbursement of crew-related expenses, offering an organized platform for tracking, submitting, and approving financial claims in line with maritime operational budgets.

Full Operations Suite Integration

We integrate with Shipnet, a cutting-edge partner who can provide apps for all aspects of the shipping process, including safety, technical, analytics, commercial, financial, procurement, and dry docking.

Why Choose MarControl?

Generic Software Just Won't Do

We handle highly complex situations that other vendors run away from, with custom and semi-custom modules and integrations.

You're Too Busy

MarControl modules are internally integrated in a more intelligent way than our competitors, so that you save more time and avoid repetition and errors.

You Want Real Service

We offer the best service in the industry. We will care about you just as much once you are a customer as when you were a sales prospect.


Per-Module Pricing

MarControl is priced per module, so you only pay for what you use. We offer Cloud Software-as-a-Service and Private Cloud options.

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