A modular structure in crew management significantly enhances operational flexibility, streamlines compliance processes, and simplifies personnel development and tracking.

Seafarer Management
  • Tracking and self-update of seafarers’ certificates.
  • Scans of seafarers’ certificates.
  • Automatic reminders to seafarers when certificates are going to expire.
  • Centralized tracking and storage of any internal documents relating to each seafarer, such as warnings or injury reports (not visible to the seafarer).
  • Seafarer evaluation system.
  • Seafarers’ full profile history is always kept (when they updated certificates, etc).
  • Seafarers’ full sailing history is available on his profile (embark and disembark date, ship).
  • Assignment of seafarers to ships.
Office Personnel Management
  • Separate interfaces for seafarers and office personnel.
  • Office personnel can write notes on seafarer profiles, visible only to other administrators.
  • Office personnel can track which seafarers have responded to invitations to create a profile.
  • Office personnel can see which seafarers’ certificates are about to expire / already expired.
  • Office personnel have Notification Centre for activity of seafarers in CrewControl.
  • Approval system for each seafarer profile.
  • Office personnel can ask for profile updates and can verify updates before approving them.
  • They can also see which profiles have been updated through the self-service portal.
Compliance and Certification Tracking
  • Management of Company-specific training and certification.
  • Candidate management system.
  • Search among current employees and candidates according to certificates held.
  • Compliance tracking for ship crewing requirements (individual requirements, ship-wide requirements), with multiple crewing profiles (for differing trades, seasons, charterers) configurable for each ship.
  • Tracking and compliance-proving for Experience Requirements for tankers.
  • Crew list auto-generation and export in various formats including IMO standards.
Planning and Scheduling
  • Centralized planning interface for your whole fleet making even complex relief schedules easy and transparent.
  • Highly visual interface for fast and intuitive planning.
  • Plan rotations rank by rank, across your fleet, to help handle labour shortages.
  • One active Scenario, with a draft scenario tool for experimentation and safe activation.
  • Scenario changeover tool for safe changeovers, with granular verifications of scheduling changes, to avoid introducing errors.
  • Fleet overview timeline to spot upcoming problems and hotspots at a glance.
Seafarer Management
  • Set unavailability calendar (vacation / training / suspension / etc) for each seafarer.
  • Generate seafarers’ individual work schedule reports, and send it to them automatically via MarControl filesharing.
Compliance and Alerts
  • Visual and descriptive alerts for missing seafarer certification, double-bookings, expired certificates, un-crewed essential positions, unmet experience requirements, etc.
  • Ships’ crewing requirements schedule accounting for variations in requirements according to trade, season, drydocking, etc
Expense Report Management
  • Centralized, paperless management of seafarers’ expense reports.
  • Employees create their expense reports directly in their CrewControl interface.
  • Scans/photos of receipts included as attachments
Automation and Customization
  • Possibility of custom business rules.
  • Automated notice to relevant personnel (employee + administrator) when a report is submitted, then approved.
User Interfaces and Visualization
  • Interfaces for Shore and Ship administrators.
  • Visualization of hours worked.
Automatic Calculations and Compliance
  • Only entry of hours worked needed.
  • Automatic calculation of hours payable according to your employee contracts and collective agreements.
  • Possibility of more than one work contract (pay rules).
  • Automatic verification of regulatory compliance for hours of work and rest (incl. Canadian regulations).
  • Auditability of hours of work and rest.
Reporting and Integration
  • Included reports: Hours worked during an interval of dates, details of hours payable per pay-period per seafarer (also automatically sent to seafarers by email), hours payable for all seafarers for the period.
  • Custom reports.
  • Export of hours payable for your payroll software.