Our software, split into modules that can be implemented independently, significantly enhances operational flexibility, streamlines compliance processes, and simplifies personnel development and tracking.

Seafarer Management
  • Tracking and self-update of seafarers’ certificates.
  • Scans of seafarers’ certificates.
  • Automatic reminders to seafarers when certificates are going to expire.
  • Centralized tracking and storage of any internal documents relating to each seafarer, such as warnings or injury reports (not visible to the seafarer).
  • Seafarer evaluation system.
  • Seafarers’ full profile history is always kept (when they updated certificates, etc).
  • Seafarers’ full sailing history is available on his profile (embark and disembark date, ship).
  • Assignment of seafarers to ships.
Office Personnel Management
  • Separate interfaces for seafarers and office personnel.
  • Office personnel can write notes on seafarer profiles, visible only to other administrators.
  • Office personnel can track which seafarers have responded to invitations to create a profile.
  • Office personnel can see which seafarers’ certificates are about to expire / already expired.
  • Office personnel have Notification Centre for activity of seafarers in CrewControl.
  • Approval system for each seafarer profile.
  • Office personnel can ask for profile updates and can verify updates before approving them.
  • They can also see which profiles have been updated through the self-service portal.
Compliance and Certification Tracking
  • Management of Company-specific training and certification.
  • Candidate management system.
  • Search among current employees and candidates according to certificates held.
  • Compliance tracking for ship crewing requirements (individual requirements, ship-wide requirements), with multiple crewing profiles (for differing trades, seasons, charterers) configurable for each ship.
  • Tracking and compliance-proving for Experience Requirements for tankers.
  • Crew list auto-generation and export in various formats including IMO standards.
Planning and Scheduling
  • Centralized planning interface for your whole fleet making even complex relief schedules easy and transparent.
  • Highly visual interface for fast and intuitive planning.
  • Plan rotations rank by rank, across your fleet, to help handle labour shortages.
  • One active Scenario, with a draft scenario tool for experimentation and safe activation.
  • Scenario changeover tool for safe changeovers, with granular verifications of scheduling changes, to avoid introducing errors.
  • Fleet overview timeline to spot upcoming problems and hotspots at a glance.
Seafarer Management
  • Set unavailability calendar (vacation / training / suspension / etc) for each seafarer.
  • Generate seafarers’ individual work schedule reports, and send it to them automatically via MarControl filesharing.
Compliance and Alerts
  • Visual and descriptive alerts for missing seafarer certification, double-bookings, expired certificates, un-crewed essential positions, unmet experience requirements, etc.
  • Ships’ crewing requirements schedule accounting for variations in requirements according to trade, season, drydocking, etc
Expense Report Management
  • Centralized, paperless management of seafarers’ expense reports.
  • Employees create their expense reports directly in their CrewControl interface.
  • Scans/photos of receipts included as attachments
Automation and Customization
  • Possibility of custom business rules.
  • Automated notice to relevant personnel (employee + administrator) when a report is submitted, then approved.
User Interfaces and Visualization
  • Interfaces for Shore and Ship administrators.
  • Visualization of hours worked.
Automatic Calculations and Compliance
  • Only entry of hours worked needed.
  • Automatic calculation of hours payable according to your employee contracts and collective agreements.
  • Possibility of more than one work contract (pay rules).
  • Automatic verification of regulatory compliance for hours of work and rest (incl. Canadian regulations).
  • Auditability of hours of work and rest.
Reporting and Integration
  • Included reports: Hours worked during an interval of dates, details of hours payable per pay-period per seafarer (also automatically sent to seafarers by email), hours payable for all seafarers for the period.
  • Custom reports.
  • Export of hours payable for your payroll software.



Through our partnership with Shipnet, one of the largest and most respected providers of maritime operations apps in the world, we are able to provide a fully integrated operational management suite to MarControl customers.

Safety Module: Safety focusses on automating the admin duties attached to health and safety, prioritising process over paperwork. Leaving managers with more time to promote and implement initiatives across the fleet.

Technical Module: Our tailored platform is proven to improve productivity, reduce lifecycle maintenance costs and make better use of important data collected at sea.

Analytics Module: With Analytics, managers can track performance and movements from anywhere via Shipnet Portal’s dashboard, accessible on web or mobile.

Commercial Module: Web and mobile tools extend Shipnet’s reach outside the office, giving users the flexibility that they need for effective ship management. And with new features released every quarter, we’re able to adapt to changes in the market at pace.

Financial Module: Whether goods are going from suppliers to vessels, or consolidated shipments from the warehouse, Procurement allows full logistic control, backed by Shipnet Financial to effortlessly sync with ledgers, budgets and finance departments.

Procurement Module: Whether goods are going from suppliers to vessels, or consolidated shipments from the warehouse, Procurement allows full logistic control, backed by Shipnet Financial to effortlessly sync with ledgers, budgets and finance departments.

Dry Docking Module: Built over an open-API architecture, dry docking allows you to integrate the entire maintenance and procurement process, making managing all aspects of your technical projects simple and hassle-free.