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Time to Scrap the Old Website

    For the last two years, the team has had its head down, working hard on all the new modules we’ve rolled out. This fall, after we stopped vibrating from the caffeine and took some well-deserved holidays, we realised our website didn’t reflect who we are any more.

    We’ve gone from being primarily centred around crew management (with CrewControl) to being a full-featured operational management suite. We’ve gone from being exclusively Canadian to becoming an international company  –  so out with dot-CA, in with dot-COM. We’ve also launched our Small Fleet Program to offer up-and-coming companies an easier path to adoption of our suite.

    It was time to scrap the old site and build a shiny new one, with a more modern look and a layout compatible with our future plans (which are awesome).

    We’ll be back.

I'll be back.