New Tableau Cloud Integration and Data Feed

by | Jan 9, 2024 | Blog

TL;DR: We have a cool new Tableau Cloud integration for all your custom reporting, analytics, and business intelligence needs. We also have a new data feed service for your data warehouses or other 3rd-party BI tools.

Our average customer has gotten larger over time as our product and business have matured, and these larger customers needed better custom reporting and business intelligence (BI) capabilities than what we had on offer.

Instead of building our own internally, we decided to keep our development efforts focused on the core processes of crew management, and to use third-party tools for custom reporting and BI.

We considered various options but settled on Tableau for its power and ease of use. For customers that want to use MS PowerBI or other tools, we are now also offering a Data Feed that you can connect directly to any data-consuming third-party product, or to fill your data warehouse.

The Tableau integration lets customers build their own custom dashboards, reports and analytics in a totally independent fashion, without having to ask us (and wait for us) every time. We’re pretty stoked to see what customers will build!